Thursday, January 21, 2016

There are songs which make you happy.There are songs which make you sad.There are songs which are touchy.And then there are songs which melt your heart.And not just melt;capture.They bring back a thousand memories.They are a true treat not only to ears but to the soul.They quench the long lasting thirst.Yes! They are present.

Came across one such number.A song adorned by beautiful voice of Akriti Kakar.I bet you cant just have one! You will listen to this soothing number again and again.Enjoy the melody :D :D

Aaj Jaane Ki Zid Na Karo Cover sung by Akriti Kakar and Music by Akshay Akash. :)

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Yesterday while sitting in my room and staring at the colony of spiders which had invaded a significant portion of the wall by setting up a  beautiful cobweb, a wave of thought flushed my mind.A question popped up.Where do i see myself in next ten years ?

We all are encountered with this question as we  hop through various phases of life.

When i was young,i wanted to be an astronaut,just like the great Kalpana Chawla and Sunita Williams.The mere thought of constellations and  galaxies and the world beyond the blue planet brought goosebumbs and boiled my blood.

Yes.I really aspired to be one.As i grew up,although the science behind this mysterious subject amused and fascinated me,i was not lucky enough to get into an institute offering the course and so this childhood dream of dressing into a space suit and  doing the moonwalk and meeting the aliens was crushed and buried. i was feeling like a poet who had forgotten his  poetry. To overcome from this mountain of depression which was gifted to me,I took the help of art.I started painting.It was like my long lost genes which I had inherited from my mom had suddenly been activated. Soon wanted to become a painter like Leonardo da vinc.My choices of profession oscillated between painter and  writer, writer and  fashion designer and so on.

Who would know that i would end up in an IT firm playing with tables full of millions of records for my bread and butter.I had worried about my past and continue to worry about my future.

It is scientifically proven that you can physically live only in the present. You can chip your nails trying to dig out the past or fry some serious grey cells stressing about the future, but your body shall continue playing hockey with the present.

I really don't know where my life is heading to. I don’t know where I will be in the next ten  years. I even don't know what i really wanna do or become :P Maybe I would continue to play with tables and its million records for sustaining my shopping, or maybe I would be married, or maybe i would be roaming on the paris street doing my dream shopping or  may be I would be partying in heaven and hanging out with angels and having some serious discussion with god . I could be anywhere, doing anything and living anyway.

Well no body knows how destiny unfolds in the next heartbeat.My mantra is

Live in the present,eat lots of chocolates without worrying about the increasing pounds,spend every single penny on the things which brings happiness and leave nothing to tomorrow which may never come.

Its ok to have an extra piece of sweet-dish in lunch and skip an exercise or two.Its ok not to have a planned life.Why kill the precious present by fretting about tomorrow?

PS: Missed this space more than words can express.

Thursday, April 03, 2014

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Once upon a time there was a place..A place that knew no sadness ...where even feeling blue was a happy lied deeep in an enchanted forest...hidden away beyond a medieval village...
Well centuries passed and a hop skip and a boat ride away there grew a kingdom.The kingdom was ruled by beloved king and queen.They were blessed with a baby boy.
More than his looks,his heart charmed the people.He had all the luxuries of the world at his feet yet was rooted to ground.
Gradually he grew up  and entered a phase,which was powerfully disorienting and all consuming period in which his hormones did all the talking.His days were dotted with delicious daydreams and his nights were punctuated with text messages.His heartbeat raced,palms felt sweaty and body felt hotter than usual.

Yes he was in love.In love with a girl whose simplicity had captured his heart.She was purer than the fresh dew drops that sparkled on delicate flowers and  her voice had the power to bring life to stone.But she was the daughter of an ordinary man in the King's empire.

Everything was going amazing until  the  King and Queen came to know about the budding love between their son and the girl,
they summoned him to their chamber and uttered the three words of doom.. ‘LOG KYA KAHENGE’(what will people say)

So, the prince threw off his prince crown and set out on a long journey in search of these ‘LOG’, in order to find out what they had to say about his princely affairs.

Castle walls were jumped, the perimeters of the kingdom were traversed,snow  mountains were climbed and rivers were crossed in search of these mystical creatures called ‘LOG’. And just when his prince feet were about to give up, he saw shadows beyond a thick glass of fog. He dragged himself across till he finally saw a huge crowd of ‘LOG’ who were saying too much to decipher. Like a swarm of bees.

The prince concentrated on this particular lady from the gang of LOG, so that he could finally hear what the LOG said.The lady murmured in a thin voice “you know Sheila was wearing very short skirt in yesterday's hungry she is for attention” to which other lady replied “This is nothing,i have a gossip much bigger than this.You know Mr Kapoor's daughter ran with a guy whom she was dating for 1 month.Poor Kapoors.Their reputation is ruined now”.The prince overheard someone else say “You know Mr Roy is blessed with a baby boy.But the people say the boy doesn't resemble anyone in the family”.The other gang member whispered “I saw so and so in a pub yesterday with her boyfriend drinking.I wonder if she is at all concerned with her parent's pride or not”

 The buzzing went on and on, till the prince fainted because of overloading of voices.

On opening his eyes, he again concentrated to hear more from the LOG. He wanted to hear more about the girl who ran with his boyfriend or about the baby boy who didn't resemble his parents or the girl in the pub. But he couldn't hear even a faint whisper about them, for they were now replaced by new stories ranging from “Monika's Plastic surgery” to “Payal's daughter's short skirt”. There were new stories and the old ones died a happy death.

The prince then understood that the gossip including his princely affairs are like Bread. No one relishes on a stale bread. Once the bread gets stale, a new packet of BRITANNIA SWEET BROWN BREAD is bought from Chotu ki Shop. The circle continues. The LOG need fresh dough every day.

So the prince returned to his kingdom and declared to his Daddy King and Mommy queen “The LOG  may have too much to say, but whatever they say has a validity period which is very restricted.They are like a pre-paid card with limited validity.I think I can survive that. ;)”

And so, the handsome  prince married the pretty girl and lived happily ever after letting the LOG go to hell.

The End

Friday, April 05, 2013

Writing after a long long time, but as long as it’s coming from the mind entangled with the heart, who cares.
         Of late I have been having this strange emotional fixes where things seem bright one day and the very next moment they are like dark clouds with the silver shining raped off. It’s like I have been seeing the brighter as well as the ugliest side both in the gap of a split second.
So I have been thinking a lot. I mean when your life is going nowhere and your college life is horrendously epic, you are left with nothing else to do than think. So I was thinking about some moments in my life which have made me actually go

                          व़ोट द फक 

 Yes!! I mean you use the F word a hell lot these days, but some moments flash up and these miraculous three words just drive past your eyes in Brick bold letters. i know i have done enough of cribbing i want to write something to god

dear God

I would like to ask you something for myself and this is new for me in my 21 yrs of existence. But I don’t want toys for I am too old for that.  I want you to kill for me. I want you to be generous enough to do some real red blood work for me. I have a list of people I want you to kill because I personally believe that they shouldn’t be alive.

1)      People who assume that I give a damn- So Mr god, there are a certain bunch of self conscious bimbos who believe that I live to hear out their bogus life crap. These dung balls don’t even find it important to know if I want to hear to their cries of madness or whether I am at least vaguely interested in their saga. Why do they assume that my ears are free for their nonchalant bashing of bullshit?

2)      People who bring babies to the theatre-  these people think that a red blood thumb sucking flesh, draped in a hello kitty piece of cloth understands a movie and thus is eligible to watch a 3 hour show with the normal brained plebeians like us. Now most of the time the movie itself is crappy and what makes it even more terrible is the bawling baby leaking mucus down my sleeve, because I always end up sitting beside such a booby parent.

3)      People other than my family who are interested in my future- So sir, I am in my final year of engineering and people have started enquiring about my future plans. That includes my career, my marriage and sometimes even the number of kids I want to reproduce. I live a very instant, on the edge life and I don’t think of the future, mostly because I am a lazy ass numb nut who isn’t yet serious about her own life. Please spoon out the eyes of those who ruin my mind by giving their opinions as to what I should do with my life, when they clearly aren’t successful in theirs. Oh kill them too!

4)      People who think they are fat but are clearly not- I don’t have a problem with the anorexic chicks. I have a problem when thin sticks come to a whale like me and ask me if they are fat. I have an issue with the fact that they choose me to voice an opinion regarding their body mass index. They think it’s justifiable to call themselves fat when they are half my size. I think it is their way to coyly and innocently call me fat, without getting an earful and an ass whipping from me. Use a chainsaw when you kill them please.

लिस्ट कभी कतम नहीं होगि…. please deal with the above on priority !


frustrated child *sigh*

p.s couldn't think of an apt title. :P :P

Thursday, December 20, 2012

I am angry. Yes, and I write this in anger. And I write it since I can’t keep this anger inside me anymore.

Dear Rapist

Oh, I’m sorry.

Bastard Rapist.

Again, I’m at fault, being polite to you. A rapist doesn’t deserve respect of the society, let alone my apology. Bashing away with the greetings for the bastard, let me continue, this letter is addressed to you, you bloody fucker. I’m amused by the mind that you are in possession of, and I wonder how is it different from mine. I fail to understand what carries that wolf in and in what context makes you wish to feed it? Why do you fail to understand time and again, that you live in a society. Man is a social animal. And why do you have to time and again prove that man really is a social animal? I fail to understand.

And it’s true cowardice as to the manners in which you conduct your heinous tasks, howsoever pleasure you may find in it, howsoever satiation of your manhood occurs in it. I feel my insides burn up whenever I come to face with your activities daily. You seem to metamorphose and multiply faster than the common cold, mushrooming in areas all around and I hear it only from certain parts of India when it is glamorized by the media-tors. They sell your crime and you fools think it as an achievement to watch the four bearings of your activities screened continuously on the bright box in your dark room. I am angered, by them, and I’m angry on you.

But, wait, you can stay assured, while you carry on your hobby of raping the helpless, single woman in a gang, in the drug, or alone, your daughters, sisters, mothers, girlfriends and wives won’t be touched. 
No one would touch them, cause they are not you.They won’t touch them, because you have been assigned by the heavens, the wonderful task of raping, which makes me wonder, would you still laugh, doing this, in a state of mis-knowledge, to your own mother, sister, daughter, in a state of mis-knowledge, would you still laugh while abusing them doing the horrible task, the most destructive form of violence without arms witnessed by man. Would you still laugh? Kya tab hasi aayegi tujhe?

You Assholes, are also brothers, husbands and fathers to someone in this world, inspite of that how can you not realize the pain of a rape victim, you push them out of this world and take away all their happiness from their lives. Make their lives miserable. Do you think our society have same attitude towards the victims? They have to battle with society and again with your brutal breed. All these dark things haunt the victim. 

You perverted man ,will ever your ego realize how much you have hurt others. How could you think something like this was okay to do to someone? 
I think you don’t have a conscious. How could someone with a conscious do this to innocent girls?! You are also a selfish shit. You just care for yourself. You have never treated other person as a human it was just an “object”, an object of joy 

Bloody rapists realize that “Rape is not Sex” .If you can’t afford sex and cannot control yourself better “DIE” rather behaving like brutal bastards and filling darkness in someone’s life. 

And, that was all I had to tell you, my anger expressed in words. It might not have hit you right now, but, when my anger surpasses you in your virality, I’m sure, they’ll all ensure that you tremor even at the thought of your expertise.
I hope one day you will meet a strong and smart girl who will hurt you the same way you did to all, and waiting for that one day you will be in prison or hanged in the public. 
I pray god that you will suffer 100 times more than the victims and bear the guilt for whatever you have done 
Maybe you'll get more girls if you weren't, you know, A RAPIST.

Take care. You’ll need it soon.

The breed you fucked 

P.S: i am sorry for using abusive words, but i believe they deserve them

Sunday, October 14, 2012

It’s been a month since I haven’t posted anything on my blog although I felt like doing it  so many times. However, I just can’t x-out the snoozy part in me .Yesterday i had a long chat with my dear friend and that very conversation made me to write this big FAT  post.So here i go...

There are two types of young  women. One, those who are enlisted on any or all of the various matrimony sites or Two, those who rebelled against it or are the fruits of the lions who rebel against it when it was their time. My friend believed herself to be the fruit of one such loin until she was proved wrong by being colorfully displayed as a ‘Simple, caring, traditional girl’ on a presumed to be a top notch matrimonial site. 
Like her I am about to enter a tragic phase of life. The phase which every person, be it man or woman cannot escape. The phase in your life which your parents have been waiting for ‘Like a Boss’. If you are an Indian, your life cycle has been genetically designed to endure the pain of arranged marriages, unless off course you create an outburst in your family and zip them up. This generally results in dramatic tears, exchange of chilli paste coated words and in the worst case scenario, disowning the offspring. 

I was born on 28th april 1991 at 6:10 am in a place called Udhampur in J&K and before my first birthday on 28th april 1992, my  Kundli was custom made by an astrologer who claimed that he was King Aurangzeb’s favourite general Mr. Mir Jumla in his previous birth :P
Just a few more months and i would step out of my student life and then I would be "The Ripe Mango" which my granny thinks should be sold fast. Everything that glitters is not gold and since it is the most essential item in any wedding, sometimes more important than the bride itself, the gold accumulation had started the moment I got out of school and into the my engineering college. 

Fortunate I am that my parents did not hitch me up while I am still in college.But its not the case with many of my friends.Many of them have their parents doing arrange marriage "tandav" on their head and i am pretty sure the moment I will be done with my college life, my mom who believes in pandits would  approach an assumed to be famous astrologer who would sleepily ask for my birth date, place and time. He would  then make some geometric designs on a piece of paper and write  utter gibberish and finally  come up with  a prediction that i  should be ruining somebody’s life by 25. :P 

BUT me....i am never going to surrender my wishes.Sacrifice is not the word for me. C'mon i am a fruit of that  lion who rebelled  against this arrange marriage shit.

Arranged marriage is like a menu card.

1. Caste-Subcaste 1, 1.1, 1.2...., Subcaste 2,
2. Dowry-Lakhs or crores. Anything less, its a road-side eatery
3. Things that come free with dowry-car, gold etc etc etc.....
its a one time opportunity for the guy's family. Its the culmination of the family's efforts to get a degree and a green card tagged to the guy. Probably India is the only place where we find a third source of capital- equity, debt and dowry. 
4. Assets-no pun intended ;) for god's sake...remember, the parents are reading the menu...
5. Color of skin- Dark(mentioned as wheatish), Fair, Very Fair
6. Education
The funny part of an arranged marriage is the afford-ability or freedom to choose from the menu. So surely its an advantage for the guys!! You get most of the things you want!!!

Does it end here? not have permutations and combinations of stars and planets that must match. I swear I will murder the next guy who discovers another planet in our solar system. We have enough to confuse us.

the most funny thing about this whole never ending crap is after shortlisting a few candidates based on the menu criteria comes the doom day..the actual meeting

After the usual "Namastes-jees" and "Beta idhar aake bethos" the BIG moment arrives. The bride-to-be-or-not- to-be arrives all decked out in the finest silk sari that her mom could borrow from the neighbors. Tea set in hand (which, of course, belongs to Mrs. Merateasetlelo(take-my-tea-set) down the street) she walks towards the groom-to-be-or-not-to-be a little hesitatingly. Her parents look at her adoringly forgetting for that instant all the hassles they had to go through to get her to agree to see this highly recommended catch. She peeks at the guy and almost faints!  

Bride-to-be-or-not-to-be: (Ewwwww! how can i spend the rest of my life with *this champu*!?) Hello (to the guy)Namastejee (to the ma and pa)
Groom-to-be-or-not-to-be: (*Drool*drool*drool* Hmmm...I wonder if my drool is very obvious? Maybe I should wipe it off...?) Namaste (to the girl). 
Guy's Dad: (Hmmm..I wonder if Mr. Ladki ka baap knows anyone in the Ministry..) Namaste beti (to the daughter). 
Guy's Mom: (Did I just see her stoop to the left a little when she walked...?) Beti mere paas aake baitho. 
Gal's Dad: (Hmmm..I wonder if Drool's-Dad knows anyone in the Industry..) Beti chai idhar rakh do. 
Gal's Mom: (God, I hope she doesn't drop the tea pot all over him... )

after all the drama and a few baseless chit chats the crucial point  approaches. A decision is made about the future course of action and whether these two lonely hearts will be united or an attempt at doing so .And this results in a senario somewhat like this

I might have an easy time understanding the concept behind rocket science .However the whole idea of  an ‘arranged’ marriage is beyond my scope.Chat mangni pat bhya..
The way marriages get ‘arranged’ superceeds the futility of love at first sight type-a deal...
A quality relationship deserves quality time to grow than rush in to idiotic societal pressures and the myth of marriageable age.What the heck is this marriageable age?We are shouldering professional responsibities but how emotionally matured are we to get into an alliance and stay committed for a lifetime.Its a big decision and not something that can be rush in a matter of eight screwy…Togetherness is fantastic and wonderful.Do we plan our careers in haste?
Then why such a haste with regard to marriage?

p.s wrote in hurry..excuse me for  the errors if any :)

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