Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Yes i am still breathing.I know i am not doing justice to this space.It has almost been a month since i showed up but what to do.My final year of engineering has already started  and believe me it is not what i had been waiting for so long.Nightmare is the word for it.

Ever had to battle with the crowd of noises in your head all at once? All these voices seem to get louder the closer you get to graduation; as you are about to face the big bad world of bills, rents and student loan repayments.

This is the way I  feel  at this point when  I have received more rejection letters than I would like to think.I mean there was a point when i thought that once i got into an engineering college no force in the universe  could stop me to get my dream job.But no.Reality is very harsh man!

The icing on the cake is that you are in the same graduate boxing ring with hundreds of other graduates and post-graduates applying for the same job/position, trying to meet deadlines and catching those early applications and at the same time proving you are worth taking the risk on. All of the pressures combined makes for a battle ground of thoughts, choices and many ‘I don’t cares’. *sigh*

coming onto the other issue that is chafing  me now a days :

 I have been putting on weight and when I say it, I mean it. I am dead sure that the world is conspiring against me because I suspect that even drinking water is making me grow in degrees. Fine!! I have been hogging a lot and I blame it on the stale hostel food (read crap). I cannot forbid my mind from being fickle and I cannot make myself diet. I am not the kind who screams on seeing flab maybe because i have got well versed with its existence! I tell you something and i am telling you this after decades of experience. Ok! Not decade but years. Being fat or chubby isn’t all that bad. Offcourse you curse the mirror in the trial room, make yourself believe that it’s the cloth that has shrunk and even start wearing black to camouflage, but still.

But  the real man goes for heart.Not the bones.Bones are liked by dogs.(this is the only sentence that keeps my spirit high) :P and anyways my boyfriend loves me the way i am :) :)

Just came across a new definition of Calories

Whom am I kidding??!! If any of you actually fell for the above boyfriend wala  imprudent reason or the definition above, I am deeply sorry to burst your bubble. There is nothing good about being fat, and I should beat the Lazy demon within me black and blue and put on those dusty pink nike  running shoes. Procrastination is still running circles in my head!!!

PS pray for me that i get the bestest job which gives me bundles of notes.You will surely get a big treat then :)

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