Saturday, June 25, 2011

khali dimaag shaitan ka ghar hota today an idea struck my "vella" mind n i decided to list down few qualities dat a perfect boy shud here i go n put forward the list -----

Monday, June 06, 2011

have u ever wondered y the hell are we on this earth......?? well i dont knw abt u ppl bt i do think about it nw and then.....behind everything is a plan.....n my landing on this earth is nothing but a part of this plan...Like any good builder, God has a great master plan that he is working out on the earth....

right frm our very birth till our death.....we dance like puppets to the tunes of god...he is no less than a snake charmer who hypnotises the mankind by playing an instument which runs on the tunes of his plan.... even adam's fall was nt a mistake was expected....god ne adam ko nai choda toh hum kya cheez hai..... :P

he puts most wonderful people in our life....who become inseparable part of our lives den cums into play god's tricky plan.....he moves his magic wand over the happy faces n changes them into sad ones......those ppl  move away from our lives.......unfortunately we can do nothing bt to see almighty  play his favorite game......the words like "forever" n"always" have no meaning in this world....everything is mortal.... 

god is watching us from above...least we can do is be entertaining :)

Friday, June 03, 2011

Had there been no gravity....wht wud i b doing .....nt wrinting this post ofcourse....i wud b flying this tym....wud b chatting with all the birds out there....wud b hanging around with butterflies n busy bees .....!!!!
Screw Gravity....I want to fly so so so bad ahhhhh!
wanna experience the immense pleasure one gets out of wandering in the open sky...wanna have vacations among the clouds

Hey all you lucky pilots n astronauts !! I just want to let you know how jealous I am of all you people who can fly!! Could nyone teach me to fly? Flying without wings, I mean; magical flying? bestow me with sum sort of super natural power ....

 only one song can  describe how badly i wanna fly

दिल है छोटा सा, छोटी सी आशा
मस्ती भरे मन की, भोली सी आशा
चाँद तारों को, छूने की आशा
आसमानों में उड़ने की आशा
la la la laa la la laa ~~~~~

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