Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

looked in the mirror this morning, didn't like what i saw.i am growing FAT.this has become a serious issue now.i am hating myself.i am feeling scared of facing the mirror :( thinking of going on a crash diet.will feed on fruits for the going and coming  week.
i wanna say bye bye fat and greet the gorgeous body.but this is not that simple.

yesterday i had blood in my vomit.did the same this morning.i dont know whats happening.why the hell am i vomiting blood ?so damn i dying ? 
no no no.i dont wanna die.still have long way to go.still have millions of  unfulfilled wishes....

* finish college and become a graduate 

* attend university 

* see the glow of pride on my parent's face (will surely love to replace this image with mine )

* get a job

* gift this car to my parents on their wedding day

* marry my love

* spend life in my dream house with my love 

* own a pug

*tame a crocodile

* visit paris and shop till my wallet's empty

* go scuba diving and explore the vastness of the sea

*see for myself that the earth is round

*experience weightlessness

* go sky diving 

* bungee jumping 

*participate in the La Tomatina festival in Bunol, Spain

* get arrested :P

* go on a hot air balloon ride K

* sleep under the stars

* kiss in the rain 

*take vodka shots and forget the world

* go on a honemoon to city of love - Venice

* explore europe with K

* stand on the topmost floor of burj khalifa

* dye my hair purple

*swim with shark

* campfire on a lonely island with K

* have a child 

the list goes on and on...........

Thursday, March 22, 2012

i can hear the rain drops 
and the roaring sky.
i close my eyes hard 
with a long sigh!

how similar we are,
me and the sky
we cry our heart out,
to make people smile

yet the difference is only that
it can cry and make the land wet.
while i cry inside,
so no one can hear,
as i sink my heart,
deep into my tears...

completely broken :'(
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