Wednesday, September 28, 2011

did i ever mention that i love dreaming...i can do weirdest of the things in my fantasy world which is nearly impossible to do in the real world....the dream land is full of all the wonderful people who have no feeling of hatred for nyone....contentment over powers greediness...the world free of narrow hopeless folks

in dream i see myself as the most attractive lady of the town...the heart stealing princess...the personification of cuteness...who doesnot believe in stooping in front of nybody..she lives for herself and only for herself...she is as beautiful as palm trees against the ocean precious as an angel looking to god on the knees...who treats herself as a princess living among commoners who fail to see her beauty and sing praises for her....

i see myself siting on the 100th floor of the office building owned by me..just throwing ordering at my employees while sipping my favorite's best lies at my feet...i  just shop every tempting thing in the world without having a glance at the price tag....the world's prettiest outfits enough to make the other women jealous decorate my wardrobe....

i see myself on a never ending holiday....a holiday on a lonely island untouched....ready to be explored ....ready to showcase the glorious  beauty bestowed on it by the supreme power..the island all set to provide a vast canvas of environments to discover a variety of unrivaled natural wonders....with me resting on a swing and feeling the motion of waves all around me.... :)

i see my self sitting on a cozy couch placed in the valley surrounded by the snow capped  towering mountains....feeling the chilling breeze as it touches my cheeks...and see the birds making their way back to their homes as the moon makes its way to the sky....

yes! this is how the world which i rule looks like :)
P.S. written in hurry...excuse for ny errors!

Sunday, September 18, 2011

i woke up today, and as i usually do , i stood in front of mirror and stared at myself..i noticed something glistening in my flock of hair....yes! u got me right...
i brushed my first grey today...styling to the left, the metallic streak, not like hair at all, rested there well distinguished...but believe me it was not at all a pleasant discovery... :(

the loreal hair color ad simply flashed in my mind...the 20 year old had lost it...the youth was departing...there were some of the obvious questions that began to pop up in my head n started bothering me..
are these signs of aging?
am i growing old?
is it a result of hard stress which have over taken me?
is it a consequence of missing my meals, lack of proteins?
what to do next? bleach , remove or dye?
i was under complete shock..i shouldn’t be really bothered right? grey hair is just one of those things that would happen to us all eventually..yeah true! but did i mention that i am only 20? :( i am convinced that in a couple months time ,i am going to be covered in greys :'( :'(

Sunday, September 04, 2011

something about this adorable breed beckoned me..every time i saw someone walking with their pug ,or spied a greeting card with that irresistible creature on it,or saw one in the "hutch" ad , my heart leapt and i was hooked . Seeing pugs on the street still makes me slump with sadness.... I haven't forgotten my longing  for a pug, and it hasn't gone away.... :(

i want a pug  at ny my mom has put forward a condition .....n it goes like this "listen shona if u want to get a pug , be ready to take proper care of it;...... from checking pug for being  neutered, tested for heartworm, fecal tested, vaccinated against Bordetella, Rabies, Corona, Distemper, giving  the unconditional love that pets are hungry for...." *sigh* i wonder when will i finally get the opportunity to adopt  the  "toy" breed of dog with a wrinkly,  short-muzzled face, and curled tail..... :D

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