Sunday, September 04, 2011

something about this adorable breed beckoned me..every time i saw someone walking with their pug ,or spied a greeting card with that irresistible creature on it,or saw one in the "hutch" ad , my heart leapt and i was hooked . Seeing pugs on the street still makes me slump with sadness.... I haven't forgotten my longing  for a pug, and it hasn't gone away.... :(

i want a pug  at ny my mom has put forward a condition .....n it goes like this "listen shona if u want to get a pug , be ready to take proper care of it;...... from checking pug for being  neutered, tested for heartworm, fecal tested, vaccinated against Bordetella, Rabies, Corona, Distemper, giving  the unconditional love that pets are hungry for...." *sigh* i wonder when will i finally get the opportunity to adopt  the  "toy" breed of dog with a wrinkly,  short-muzzled face, and curled tail..... :D


karan(cactus) said...

oh ho tera pug... inshallah u will get it :) and waise who told u ki pug has a curly hair...?

Angel said...

curly tail.....not hair :P :P

karan(cactus) said...

hmmm toh correct bolna chahiye na :p pug ko bura lag jayega :P

Angel said...

sorry...typing mistake :P

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