Wednesday, August 31, 2011

she broke his heart
misbehaved,fought without any reason
but nobody knew how much she blamed herself
for days and days,the guilt daunted on her mind
she tried to drink her pain away
a little at a time
but she never could get drunk enough
to get him off her mind
until the night....
the suffering was destined
it was self invited
nobody could match her ill luck
she was lost inside
breaking as every moment passed
braving everything with a smile....

one could find her with her face down in the pillow
with tears making it soaking wet
falling apart as the moments passed
and clinging to his picture for dear life
wishing for loads of success and luck
on one of the loneliest nights
which was as mysterious as her soul
hiding so many feelings......


The Dreamer said...

Yeah, nights are always very tough when the head & the heart is not right.. there were days when it felt as if somebody was gripping my throat and squeezing it

Angel said...

i hope and wish that these nights pass soon...such nights are like sweet poison which are killing me slowly :(

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