Saturday, August 13, 2011

one 24X7 romantic...other lazy to the core...n last but not the least me who is a perfect taurean.....
our lovely "LILA (lost in love of A)" has surrendered her *tann mann dhann* to her "to be " prince charming"...she finds positive in every damn thing no matter how weird the situations may turn out...the romantic girly lives in  her own dreamy world of "happily ever after" and waits....waits waits n waits.....lets c how many frogs will she kiss before making the final landing  to the "perfect two" scene...

coming to our lazy lad... *guggu* for whom the greatest pleasure of the world lies in eating and Zzzzz......there is no love in her life...her Moto :

bt we know that something is kaala in the daal....chupa rustam she is! ek din we will surely find out the reason behind her frequent deactivation of FB :P
now about *teekhi mirchi* (the twitter name)...!!!!

teekhi in her behaviour n mirchi in her attitude....who believes that coffee,chocolates n MEN.....the richer the better!!! 

she loves revealing other's secrets. ...but she is not a khuli kitaab...she has a secret lover who is just a friend according to lets see who opens this kitaab....

to be continued........

PS-thanx for reading till end :)


Aaron said...

now this is called link to secrecy :p

udita said...

many secrets are still under the covers :P

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