Sunday, August 28, 2011

she:did u notice that i am talking to you for the past 4 hours  :)

he: but i'm feeling like we just started..
she: mujhe bhi nai pata chala 4 hours kaa..... 4 hours=240 minutes =14400 sec  omg! 
he: haha i can talk my whole lyf like this..try kare :p
she: hehe
he: are u feeling sleepy?
she: its already 4...sleeepongi nahi... toh kal wakoongi kaise?
he: toh u the goes to the beds and take the sleepz now ...okiez
she:  :)
she: u also sleeeeeeeeep
he: neend nahi hai....will see some movie
she: chup chap soja huh :@! gudnight
he:ok gud night..bye :(


karan(cactus) said...

hahaha .. exposedddd.......

Angel said...


Puneet Thakkar said...

Shaadi k baad sab khatam ho jaega .. lovely late night talks would convert into late night fights :P :P

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