Thursday, October 06, 2011

Steve dies at a young age of 56 after losing a battle against the unbeatable cancer on 5th oct 2011.the man who made apple's the most inspiring speech by the legend himself.he was brave enough to think,bold enough to change the world and talented enough to do it.the word is deeply saddened by the loss of the visionary 

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

As the present time is not going good for me and i have no intention to announce this worst phase to you all, i decided to display a slice of my life which always makes me smile even if the smile has to struggle through tears....

Yesterday night was again a sleepless one. Not a second of peace. Night reserves nostalgia. My brain automatically started shuffling back through the book of life it stopped on the day i had my first b'day.i cud see all the happy faces celebrating my 1 year of existence. a magical glow directly from god's house was all around  :) :) :)

The next stop was on the first day of my schooling could see tiny girl of four on the gate of school, who hated to go away from her mother. She cried cried but in vain. She was carried by her principal to the play room inhabited by many little ones like her. But she missed her favorite toy. After two hours she was back in the most comforting place, in her mom's arms. Her mother used to bait her school workers to take care of her doll. From that day on the tiny one was greeted by a different surprise each day which completely made her day, she began liking the school :)

The next chapter that was unfolded in my mind was the day i met my best friend, my lifeline. i was in the vehicle that was to carry me to the gates of convent where i was introduced to her by her elder sister. We became friends, good friend, best friends and now the closest friends i go on i remember all the times we had together. as my life change from whatever, we will still be friends forever!

Coming on to the love which enters everyone's life sooner or later, well i don't have any sweet memories to share. Thinking of love leaves me shattered again, broken again...

Then my brain took a U turn and made me make a quick landing into the time not so far away from the present...yes! The first day of my college flashed. The horrifying faces of the seniors were giving me hostile looks as given to the criminals. They had forgotten the traditions of warm welcomes. The very first day i was badly ragged by a group of fourth year guys. a new but not so good experience soon became a part of daily routine for the entire 4 months which were most difficult to survive. But destiny had different plans. The hard times vanished and i was soon introduced to a good soul who turned out to be my partner in bad times. An ultimate source of positive vibes and a person to truly rely on. Luck was completely in my favor! :)

i wish i cud really go down the memory lane and relive those glorious moments :)

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