Saturday, November 19, 2011

saath hai jaise khushi aur gum
like coke and rum
like the apple on the mac
just like jill and jack
in the same way
i will always be besides u
until the very end,
wiping all your tears away,
being your best friend.
because you are a kind of guy
who'd laugh at me when i fall
but help me up and whisper
"its Okay.i still love u"

Saturday, November 05, 2011

Thursday, November 03, 2011

today after so many days i happened to open my blog n went through the series of emotions which i showcased here. yes i did whine a lot the previous days.i had zillions of complains with myself and my life.i wonder how u people handled the "emotional atyachar"! Well sorry for that torture.

Coming on to the point i found something.wanna know what???

happiness returns for me \m/ la la la laaa .dont know the reason though but this happiness comes from within. i all of a sudden feel contented.i want to experience life all over again. i no longer think of my gang of haters. and the best part i dont want to bother myself with the past. new beginning for me! i have become strong believer of "karma".i know it will take good take care of liars,backbiters, bitches and bastards.
yeah all is well here now.i'm so glad few things happened in my life.glad glad glad.somebody please freeze this moment eeeehhhh :D :)  

1 read , u cant buy happiness but you can buy ice cream,which is kindda same thing.true! happiness comes from small seeing a rainbow can make your eyes glitter.hearing your favorite ringtone,being the reason for someone else's happiness can also be the reason for the smile.or dhaba ki chai can lit up ur day rather than the coffee at CCD .what i feel is the only funda to make a strong bonding with  happiness is to accept the fact that sadness is a part of life.

enough of the gyan now!
will be back soon 

till then keep that smile intact. :)

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