Thursday, November 03, 2011

today after so many days i happened to open my blog n went through the series of emotions which i showcased here. yes i did whine a lot the previous days.i had zillions of complains with myself and my life.i wonder how u people handled the "emotional atyachar"! Well sorry for that torture.

Coming on to the point i found something.wanna know what???

happiness returns for me \m/ la la la laaa .dont know the reason though but this happiness comes from within. i all of a sudden feel contented.i want to experience life all over again. i no longer think of my gang of haters. and the best part i dont want to bother myself with the past. new beginning for me! i have become strong believer of "karma".i know it will take good take care of liars,backbiters, bitches and bastards.
yeah all is well here now.i'm so glad few things happened in my life.glad glad glad.somebody please freeze this moment eeeehhhh :D :)  

1 read , u cant buy happiness but you can buy ice cream,which is kindda same thing.true! happiness comes from small seeing a rainbow can make your eyes glitter.hearing your favorite ringtone,being the reason for someone else's happiness can also be the reason for the smile.or dhaba ki chai can lit up ur day rather than the coffee at CCD .what i feel is the only funda to make a strong bonding with  happiness is to accept the fact that sadness is a part of life.

enough of the gyan now!
will be back soon 

till then keep that smile intact. :)


Funmilayo I. said...

Lol happiness and ice cream do sometimes go hand in hand *signed, Fellow Ice cream lover ;)

The Dreamer said...

Now this is one of the sweetest blog posts I have ever read. And I am so happy to know that things are finally being nice in your life. Yes you did whine a lot earlier. But that was OK. I didn't mind :P We all do at some point of time. Just keep this perspective of life & keep smiling always.

Anonymous said...

Hi precious...hw r u?,I guess whining & complaining is all part of growing-up,coz I do tht a lot :-))so its quite normal & ok2...Now handling ur so called "emotional atyachar" is most welcome pls keep it up :-))...glad 2 knw u feel happy, abt u feeling connected?. u wanna elaborate on tht pls if u don't mind...Now beside all tht u'hv mentioned "Karma" will also take care of assholes2...So tht u knw "i'hv frozen dis moment of happiness fr u", so hang in ther buddy, dis1 is on me (ur wellwisher):D :-)...I agree wid u on d concept of ice cream (so tht u knw I like all flavours) & happiness, d only precaution u'hv 2take is,save it frm heat of jealous ppl, abt "dhaba ki chai" seriously i'hv not experienced it, may b sm day in future if u invite me2 India & care 2gv me dis treat, I promise u, i'wil buy it fr both us (treat-on-me) & thn & thn only I cn tell u, hw it feels like...what-say deal or no-deal??...Blue_man905...5th Nov.2011...10.42pm EST

Angel said...

@blue_man905 thanku for being my magic wand and freezing the moment for me :) yes i will try to save this precious thing from the bunch of jealous people hanging around me all the time.
i am waiting for the treat.come soon :)

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