Saturday, September 15, 2012

There are some days when .....

the alarm goes off and, instinctively, i hit snooze. Few more minutes of my time are not going to make a difference in my lecturer's life, is it? He can wait, I need my beauty sleep.

After snoozing it for about 4 times I wake up with a weight crushing my chest.The weight of still being Jobless.My hair refuses to behave and a large, red zit makes itself comfortable on my nose.Damn! not another crush! *sigh*

I brush my teeth and my half closed eyes catch sight of the price on the paste carton. WHAT?! My mind awakens instantly, HE CHARGED ME THREE WHOLE RUPEES OVER THE MRP?! How dare he, I’m never shopping there again. And then I feel a lapse inside myself as I think whatever, it’s just three rupees, what value does it have these days, anyway. Plus, the shop is so convenient….

As I make the coffee, I throw the banana peel into dustbin…. Cursing it when it miss it by a few inches.

 The toast gets burnt and the coffee burns my tongue.

I smell the fresh newsprint, like I always do, and sip the bitter brew while scanning the headlines.The advertisement on the side catches my eye. “NEW FOR OLD OFFER”. My thoughts wander…. maybe I should exchange my old laptop and the mixer for that new Inspiron I saw the other day… So sleek, so cool it was… Maybe…

I  head out, I’m already late.

I drop the phone on the staircase and it bursts into three separate pieces, the battery goes flying right down to the last step. After I reach downstairs,I realise that i left my room unlocked and the keys are still sitting daintily on my slider . 

Rushing hastily to my class i find the door locked.I nervously knock the door.I enter the classroom packed with students staring at  me as if i had asked them for a piece of property from their will :P 
The things go worse as the day passes by.i head home sadder but none the more wiser.One last sigh, one last prayer... Please let tomorrow be better. 

some days......

Miracles happen.Some days you get compliment from the most jealous mate.You get a note of appreciation from the most criticizing teacher.

You discover clarity of international calls on Skype.You suddenly get a job and you are no more considered unemployed.
You get bundles of greetings adorning your Facebook wall .And you finally give to see a glow of pride on your parents face.
 You go to sleep with a grin that refuses to be wiped off and a prayer... Please let everyday be exactly like this one.You once again begin to love your life.And your faith strengthens in sayings like after every storm, there comes clear open skies...

Moral of the day-You never know what tomorrow has in store for you so  keep living!Remember that in the midst of everything YOU have the choice of where your attention is placed and focused - so choose JOY!

PS: i thank all those who prayed for me with a true heart.I got the job because of your wishes(although i may not join it.But the burden is off *sigh* )

a big treat awaits you all :) :) :)

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