Saturday, August 20, 2011

its 3:45 am and i am i peep through my hostel window, the roads appear as lonely as my heart tonight...turning back the pages of the book of life,the feeling of guilt captures me.....the questions like "was it really me who was responsible? , why did i do that?" pop up and create turmoil within me...i find myself absolutely clueless as to where i am heading to.......all i can see is darkness......

inspite of all this, some special ones fill my life with a ray of hope....guiding light they are....they force me to believe that no matter what every cloud has a silver lining....and everything is gonna be alright...all i have to do is decorate my face with a smile :) 

 the 20 long years have made me a "fake smile" expert..while though he makes me look at a life from a different angle which makes me believe that there is something worth living for....that its not only me who is the is not that bad and that i just think too much and that's the time when i feel i just cant do without him....can't let him go.....Sometimes, I just need to talk to him, but I just lie to myself;i miss him and tell myself,"no, you can't, you bloody stone heart!" 
some mistakes just make people so out of reach...the guilt of making the wrong decisions stays for ever!


The Dreamer said...

So much pain in this post. And emotions too. I would like to say not all things in life turn out to be the way we want them to be. So sometimes its better we let go of those things, even if it may be the most painful thing to do. Have patience. Believe me it pays. Keep smiling :)

Angel said...

yeah seems like god is playing with my emotions....testing my patience

The Dreamer said...

Don't worry everything will be fine. We all have our share of happiness and blessings. And we will get them surely, but at the right time :)
Life gets unfair sometimes. That is life.

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