Friday, May 27, 2011

last week was the most worst week of my life ( as far as i remember) .... i know this is not the correct platform to exhibit my emotions...but still i continue to tell my tumbling thoughts about has never treated me the way i life is full of problems...horrible n suffocating...i have been constantly hurt by my loved ones(not intentionally though)....have seen my trust being shattered into pieces.. witnessed the most unexpected phase and the list is endless....thoughts like "life cant b fair to everyone" and "isi ka naam zindagi hai" starts haunting me and at the same time consoling me....i cry a lot at times and at this time i find pillow the most comforting friend as it is the only one who is always there n  to whom i can give *tight wali hugs* (which is much needed at that time)...... n then i remember the big inspiring lecture which my mom usually gives me when i start cursing goes on like this .... 

"When life slaps you in the cheek, turn the other and let it strike you again. Never lose hope, you have to fight....fight back...dishum dishum (including the sound effects) Life is suffocating. It will choke you, thinking that is has won something. Maybe it has, but it can never, ever lay hands on your hope. Did anyone ever tell you life would be easy? We all have problems in our lives, every single one of us.....cursing life is not an option...."
after giving such a longggg philosophical lecture she continues...
"Come on I wont bug you with a philosophy lecture. I hate them. But its true. Life is full of problems period!!! So we often tend to avoid the problems. My Question is Why??? If we know the problems wont stop, then why to avoid. Just be prepared."

n the above golden words leave me speechless n ponder ....Life is too ironic to fully understand. It takes sadness to know what happiness is. Noise to appreciate silence & absence to value presence....
i all over again want to b happy and live each and every moment of my life....want to search the cheerful girl lost in me....n the search continues......trying to live with a hope that next chapter of my life would b a happy one ~~~~~


techie said...

hmmmm mom's are always right.... and thats true...problem are part of lyf.... add mirch masala and twists in ur boring lyf....toh tumhe toh khush hona chahiye itni achi twist waaali lyf....:)

Angel said...

gud way to look at life :P :P

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