Tuesday, December 13, 2011

just finished off with the exams...yes the deadly, sleep stealing exams are finally over for me....the only mantra i chanted throughout the exams was

 i did implement it,though the latter part of mantra will be implemented more effectively now :P

looking forward for the winter break now which will include a fun packed training in the capital.i hope this trip to the capital will bring with  it a lot of experience and more of the lessons 

n yeah the most exciting discovery in my life at the moment is the newly found love...yup...finally i have fallen in love..yet another person which has been added to the list of cupid's  innocent victim.

it is the time when 
raang chamkeele saare lagte hai
raah mein bikhre taare lagte hai
phool ab zayada pyare lagte hai

miracles do happen.my stoned heart is alive once again.its beating all over again.happiness is all around.may this last forever *touch wood*
love doesn't make the world go round.love is what makes the ride worthwhile.


Wawan said...

I always love the "work hard party harder" phrase Haha.

shona said...

me too :P thanx for going through the post ..hope u had a pleasant read :)

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