Monday, June 04, 2012

The other day i was watching "The Pursuit of Happyness" a story of a struggling salesman who takes custody of his son as he's poised to begin a life-changing professional i was watching this inspiring movie i realised that although money makes the world go round but still it cant buy the real real i mean the one dat makes you happy from the heart .
happiness is the result of all the right wheels turning at just the right time.
 You’re walking down the street, find 500 bucks, get a compliment from a stranger, meet the perfect guy or girl (and don’t totally make a fool of yourself), go to ur favorite store and get 50% off, etc., etc.sometimes a dinner at five star doesnot give u happiness which u find at a dhaba on the street side offering the finger licking food

Happiness is a choice.that's right a choice.Not an accident,not a charitable gift from the need to dig it out of every situation no matter how worse it is.
happiness is about choosing to see the adventure in every moment, choosing to understand that there will always be a light after the dark, that there is always good in every situation and every person, no matter how grim things may seem.


Happiness is going against everyone by  taking part in an adventure sport with ur life at stake and then having that never ending glow on ur face

Happiness is sitting on a park bench facing the calm river with your lover by your side and the birds making the atmosphere all the more musical and romantic with their melodious chirp with the sun peeping thorough the shady tree

Happiness is when you have your own private serenaders singing outside your window for your birthday. :) And your family coming overseas to see you.  <3

Happiness is summer classes with awesome people and doing what you love :)

Happiness is eagerly waiting for the summers just for the sake of that fleshy stone fruit "mango" and eating it till the 'gutlee' (seed) turns white

Happiness is hearing from an old friend after years and reviving the old memories

and the list is endless

When we choose to be happy, things tend to work in our favor, and luck seems to be on our side

PS Be happy by default as you are miserable by your own fault


♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

I loved that move.

Happiness is in our hand. Lovely post.

udita said...

indeed it is in your hand ...thanku :)

Anonymous said...

AMEN, girl! I totally agree with you 150 percent. We can always choose to be happier. :)

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Lots of love, B
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Pieces of Sunshine said...

Happiness is indeed a choice, something we can have moment by moment in the little things of life and in the deeper contentment of spirit.

INDIA'S TOUR said...

nice dear

udita said...

thanku :)

Anonymous said...

Its very beautiful.Happiness is sitting on a park bench and tree park very nice.adventure sport nq. its singing a song.i really blog posting happy.

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