Thursday, December 20, 2012

I am angry. Yes, and I write this in anger. And I write it since I can’t keep this anger inside me anymore.

Dear Rapist

Oh, I’m sorry.

Bastard Rapist.

Again, I’m at fault, being polite to you. A rapist doesn’t deserve respect of the society, let alone my apology. Bashing away with the greetings for the bastard, let me continue, this letter is addressed to you, you bloody fucker. I’m amused by the mind that you are in possession of, and I wonder how is it different from mine. I fail to understand what carries that wolf in and in what context makes you wish to feed it? Why do you fail to understand time and again, that you live in a society. Man is a social animal. And why do you have to time and again prove that man really is a social animal? I fail to understand.

And it’s true cowardice as to the manners in which you conduct your heinous tasks, howsoever pleasure you may find in it, howsoever satiation of your manhood occurs in it. I feel my insides burn up whenever I come to face with your activities daily. You seem to metamorphose and multiply faster than the common cold, mushrooming in areas all around and I hear it only from certain parts of India when it is glamorized by the media-tors. They sell your crime and you fools think it as an achievement to watch the four bearings of your activities screened continuously on the bright box in your dark room. I am angered, by them, and I’m angry on you.

But, wait, you can stay assured, while you carry on your hobby of raping the helpless, single woman in a gang, in the drug, or alone, your daughters, sisters, mothers, girlfriends and wives won’t be touched. 
No one would touch them, cause they are not you.They won’t touch them, because you have been assigned by the heavens, the wonderful task of raping, which makes me wonder, would you still laugh, doing this, in a state of mis-knowledge, to your own mother, sister, daughter, in a state of mis-knowledge, would you still laugh while abusing them doing the horrible task, the most destructive form of violence without arms witnessed by man. Would you still laugh? Kya tab hasi aayegi tujhe?

You Assholes, are also brothers, husbands and fathers to someone in this world, inspite of that how can you not realize the pain of a rape victim, you push them out of this world and take away all their happiness from their lives. Make their lives miserable. Do you think our society have same attitude towards the victims? They have to battle with society and again with your brutal breed. All these dark things haunt the victim. 

You perverted man ,will ever your ego realize how much you have hurt others. How could you think something like this was okay to do to someone? 
I think you don’t have a conscious. How could someone with a conscious do this to innocent girls?! You are also a selfish shit. You just care for yourself. You have never treated other person as a human it was just an “object”, an object of joy 

Bloody rapists realize that “Rape is not Sex” .If you can’t afford sex and cannot control yourself better “DIE” rather behaving like brutal bastards and filling darkness in someone’s life. 

And, that was all I had to tell you, my anger expressed in words. It might not have hit you right now, but, when my anger surpasses you in your virality, I’m sure, they’ll all ensure that you tremor even at the thought of your expertise.
I hope one day you will meet a strong and smart girl who will hurt you the same way you did to all, and waiting for that one day you will be in prison or hanged in the public. 
I pray god that you will suffer 100 times more than the victims and bear the guilt for whatever you have done 
Maybe you'll get more girls if you weren't, you know, A RAPIST.

Take care. You’ll need it soon.

The breed you fucked 

P.S: i am sorry for using abusive words, but i believe they deserve them


Anonymous said...


SK said...

I never supported Saudi rules, I considered their laws were the most inhuman and barbaric, but the whole Delhi episode has made me think reverse. I believe we need laws like those, dig up a big dump with a middle pole where these bastards needed to be tied and the public allowed to throw stones… then they will realise the pain……………

udita said...

@SK i agree with u...such bastards should be stoned to death...this kind of punishment would somehow instill in their fellow mates a sense of fear which may stop them from doing such a heinous crime in future!

♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

Can't disagree.

Java technical Test said...

Hi Udita....Written very well, I dont know Why these kind of bastered dont think they have also daughter,wife ,mother in their home?It can also happen with them.@SK i dont think this punishment is enough for them.

udita said...

@java u r right...they are disgrace to the society...they have no place in our civilized society

AGP said...

THESE ARE bastards who do these things are not men!

Ivan Aliku said...

Well, to me, stoning a rappist to death is like adding more hands to bear the guilt with blodd on their hands. I don't think evil should be repaid with evil but I'd suggest the government of our countries should device a means to trap down this people and lock them up secluded and all alone for life. Maybe the feeling of not seeing anyone till death may make these people begin to love.

ben268 said...

The absolute worst type of people.

riteshsrivastav said...

The presentation style is thrilling & interesting!
But Rape is an insult to the dignity of a woman's soul & such crimes deserves everlasting humiliation for the culprits so that such breeds don't proliferate anymore.!

angry image said...

very nice article, for the first time i have read any article on website

seb Powen said...

good post...


I have nominated you for the popular Liebster Award!!

udita said...

thanku so much sruthi :D :D

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