Saturday, March 29, 2014

Once upon a time there was a place..A place that knew no sadness ...where even feeling blue was a happy lied deeep in an enchanted forest...hidden away beyond a medieval village...
Well centuries passed and a hop skip and a boat ride away there grew a kingdom.The kingdom was ruled by beloved king and queen.They were blessed with a baby boy.
More than his looks,his heart charmed the people.He had all the luxuries of the world at his feet yet was rooted to ground.
Gradually he grew up  and entered a phase,which was powerfully disorienting and all consuming period in which his hormones did all the talking.His days were dotted with delicious daydreams and his nights were punctuated with text messages.His heartbeat raced,palms felt sweaty and body felt hotter than usual.

Yes he was in love.In love with a girl whose simplicity had captured his heart.She was purer than the fresh dew drops that sparkled on delicate flowers and  her voice had the power to bring life to stone.But she was the daughter of an ordinary man in the King's empire.

Everything was going amazing until  the  King and Queen came to know about the budding love between their son and the girl,
they summoned him to their chamber and uttered the three words of doom.. ‘LOG KYA KAHENGE’(what will people say)

So, the prince threw off his prince crown and set out on a long journey in search of these ‘LOG’, in order to find out what they had to say about his princely affairs.

Castle walls were jumped, the perimeters of the kingdom were traversed,snow  mountains were climbed and rivers were crossed in search of these mystical creatures called ‘LOG’. And just when his prince feet were about to give up, he saw shadows beyond a thick glass of fog. He dragged himself across till he finally saw a huge crowd of ‘LOG’ who were saying too much to decipher. Like a swarm of bees.

The prince concentrated on this particular lady from the gang of LOG, so that he could finally hear what the LOG said.The lady murmured in a thin voice “you know Sheila was wearing very short skirt in yesterday's hungry she is for attention” to which other lady replied “This is nothing,i have a gossip much bigger than this.You know Mr Kapoor's daughter ran with a guy whom she was dating for 1 month.Poor Kapoors.Their reputation is ruined now”.The prince overheard someone else say “You know Mr Roy is blessed with a baby boy.But the people say the boy doesn't resemble anyone in the family”.The other gang member whispered “I saw so and so in a pub yesterday with her boyfriend drinking.I wonder if she is at all concerned with her parent's pride or not”

 The buzzing went on and on, till the prince fainted because of overloading of voices.

On opening his eyes, he again concentrated to hear more from the LOG. He wanted to hear more about the girl who ran with his boyfriend or about the baby boy who didn't resemble his parents or the girl in the pub. But he couldn't hear even a faint whisper about them, for they were now replaced by new stories ranging from “Monika's Plastic surgery” to “Payal's daughter's short skirt”. There were new stories and the old ones died a happy death.

The prince then understood that the gossip including his princely affairs are like Bread. No one relishes on a stale bread. Once the bread gets stale, a new packet of BRITANNIA SWEET BROWN BREAD is bought from Chotu ki Shop. The circle continues. The LOG need fresh dough every day.

So the prince returned to his kingdom and declared to his Daddy King and Mommy queen “The LOG  may have too much to say, but whatever they say has a validity period which is very restricted.They are like a pre-paid card with limited validity.I think I can survive that. ;)”

And so, the handsome  prince married the pretty girl and lived happily ever after letting the LOG go to hell.

The End


Ulti Khopdi said...

Creative.. Real " Bhansalification" of a fairy tale type setting !
Hey adams, this eve is here to stay
Commendable :)

udita said...

@ulti khopdi Thanku :) :D

Dhananjay Choubey said...

Really a nice story... seems true !!!

udita said...

Thanks @Dhananjay

Ian said...

It has the passion of a writer who has experienced the LOG!

udita said...

@Ian yeah it surely does :P :P

Buy Contact Lenses Online said...

Hey keep posting such good and meaningful articles.

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