Wednesday, May 09, 2012

I miss hugs
I miss warm hugs
I miss the ones that make you feel all fuzzy inside
I miss the ones that make you feel so happy that you could just stand there forever
I miss selfless ones, where someone is just hugging you for you with no other intentions but to hug you.
I miss hugs that are given by my mom and my dad that just feel like home, like when you were a kid and their arms were the only thing that fixed all the scrapes and boo boos
I miss hugs from long lost friends
I miss hugs from past lovers and the feeling you get when you know that they don’t want to leave you for far off places.
I even miss those awkward hugs that people go for because they thought you intended a hug instead of a hand shake.
I miss hugs,  nowadays I don’t get enough. :/


tanmeet said...

i too miss them... :((...:'((
those tight hugs with the feeling that those arms will never let me go.. i miss them
those teddy bear hugs...
those cuddles....
those hugs with a sigh of relief.....
i miss them all.....:((:''((

udita said...

surviving has become a challenge for me now :(

Kenrique Patrick said...

Hmm great hugs that make you feel at ease,
that warm feel around your neck,
the open arms from family,
I miss them tooo

walirajawali said...

I don't know how to comment you..but I feel you will find those hugs..You know what you miss..and I think you can find in your heart yourself..

udita said...

free hugs for all :P

Rupertt Wind said...

Hugs are always so warm and affectionate; no wonder you cant get enough of it! :) I hope you get lots and lots of hugs!

That's a very sweet thought!

Rupertt Wind said...

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