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Imagine no chocolate cake.

 Hershey's kisses and their chocolate spa probably would not be invented. What about chocolate ice cream, chocolate chips?
But what would the world be like if chocolate was never invented? What would Valentine's day be like? No brownies or chocolate cake or chocolate chip cookies. Delicious chocolate truffles, mousse and trifles…poof…gone! No more chocolate covered popcorn, nuts and pretzels. Or maybe they would be covered in white chocolate. And of course the marriage of coffee and chocolate is legendary.
Maybe the word itself would not even exist.  So all the colors and shades of chocolate that have become popular today would not exist. The removal of that one word and food would have a big impact on our existence. Think about all the shades of chocolate brown.
Imagine life without chocolate.


i was reading Time magzine where it said that beef farming is destroying thousands of acers of rain forests every single day..yeah,just like you,at first i didnt really care but then i read further on in that article and i was so shocked !

you know what is in that rain forest? the CACAO tree.the cacao tree where chocolate comes from.
all these greedy corporate motherf****** are threatning my chocolate supplies :( :( :O
i dont want to live in the world without chocolate
somebody please stop the madness :(


♥●• İzdihër •●♥ said...

haha world will be gloomy without chocolate ;)

udita said...

exactly....for that we need to save the earth...its the only planet with chocolates

Ajay Kontham™ said...

May be we should Protest against deforestation.

udita said...

yeah...we should do any possible thing to save chocolate

Nikka Flores said...

Kill me now.
If there will be no more chocolates, then kill me now. :X
I wouldn't love to live without chocolates.. :(((

yunis malik said...

Tell me why should we save this earth?When there would be no one to taste these choclates.

Sharon K. Mayhew said...

I don't want to live in a world without chocolate either. :(

vipan Kumar said...

really is this possible ??

udita said...

atleast this is what the time magazine says :/

Owais Mukhtar said...

Do a party for you blog followers.. how is the ideA ? ?? :p

udita said...

*like* i wonder y it never struck in my mind before :)

Aaron said...

well fatty all i gotta tell yuh is that chocos are awesome thing !!!!! keep eating

udita said...

i am not fatty >:(

frank said...


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Ric / Life N Canvas said...

Wow! I love chocolates! great images!!! so yummy!

yeasami mallick said...


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