Sunday, April 15, 2012

time has passed since u left but yet it seems like you're still a part of me.I still long for you sometimes and miss you and wish you were here with me all this time.
you were always there for me,a pillow to cry on,someone to share good and sad times.
I miss the way you use to be my alarm clock
i use to hate it but now that you're gone, i wish i could do anything to have you back as my alarm clock.
I miss the way how I use to laugh at you being the biggest Ah Long ever.
when you left,
it was as if my whole world collapsed.
i was numb and sick
i didnt know how i could continue without you.
years have passed and your belongings still remain untouched its as if or as though no one wants to move it because deep inside i miss you still.I miss you deeply but I will always have a part
of you in me.So as you laying in your grave I hope that what is said in the book "Heaven Is So Real"

that you will be at the fields in Heaven where no form of pain or suffering exist.

 i do miss you alot.
i wish you were here right now

you're irreplacable.

:( :( :(


Ben Jamir said...

Seems a sad story.But life has to go on.Bury the past.Easier said than done but we need to face life HEAD ON.

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