Monday, April 16, 2012

~Eccentric ex-teen

~eternal optimist and hopeless romantic.

~I like to be known as the person who - 'spreads happiness' :)

~khaana-loving,gaali-giving jammu girl                                      

~love me

~pamper me

~ envied

~wishes to tame a crocodile

~"earphones"-one of my body organs now

~push doors instead of pulling

~feel fat on occasions

~quite paradoxical


~a budding engineer

~i believe.i let belief creep under my skin.

~i dont fake a smily.

~i spend money on wrong things

~i'm responsibly irresponsible..but thats ok..i'm learning

~emotional to the core

~in love

~i'm awesomest(nah,dont google it.i coined it)

~my funda of life : load lene ka nai,dene ka !

~i'm the dragon in the skin of a goat

~i speak,i talk,i jabber a string of uncontrollable words that might or might not make sense
and with what i narrate,i can make u cry,i can make u laugh

~i want to sing like the birds sing,not worrying about who hears or what they think

~And I like Butterscotch and chocolate slightly more than normal people do.

~I like running up 'down escalators' and running down 'up escalators'.


~A COMPLETE GIRL ruled by her passion for art. She decides what she DESERVES. She deserves what she DECIDES.

~Smile is my makeup & Attitude is my Jwellery!


~I M living my life like the ending is approaching


rob said...

Nice self-portrait!

udita said...

thanx rob

ayahe fia said...

beautiful girl.. :)

Waleed Ahmad said...

Simply Awesome..!

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