Tuesday, April 05, 2011

....here i am....finally entered the blogger's world....from  past few days  i found myself peeping into people's blog......don't know all of a sudden  which force inside me made me do that but as they say...whatever happens happens for good....so i took this force in a positive way....n finally decided to write my first blog...ok before i go further....lemme introduce my self.....
my parents call me shona....n m registered on my death certificate oops !! on my birth certificate as udita gupta...“I am a harmless Creature, until all my harmones work properly”.
i graduated from school for "rich parents spoilt kids" n ended up in National Institute Of Technology Srinagar where m completing my btech in IT...they say srinagar is a paradise which is not true when it comes to studying here.... but i do find one advantage of this place...there is no fear of getting tanned :P
I set the bar high and catapult  right over the thing known as achievement. Man I'm Fuc** awesome....  I remain commited to my high educational standards which basically include nodding off in every lecture.... Life is all about the smile and the nod..... 
now cuming to the point....my blog is all about my life and the wonderful people in it dat make my life worth living!!!! 
because i think life is precious...n m precious....so i have chosen to pen down all the ups n downs which i am gonna face...yeah its true m pampered...some call me "delicate darling"...some call me "bigdi  shehzadi"...n yeah how can i forget "angel"... bt i truly love my self n m happy the way m made n groomed...!!!
now m nt getting what to scribble.....i think its time to end writing......i hope m welcomed in bloggers world warmly as i was welcomed in ny other social networking site ...
before i sign off i wud like to say that m still kiddish....still believe in shooting stars,wishing  wells, eyelashes, birthday candles, and 11:11.....oh gawd pls never lemme out of this fairy tale ....


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