Thursday, April 07, 2011

recently witnessed all the social networking sites flooded with one name "HAZZARE".....since i was not much aware of this fellow....i just googled it out ....i wish google sat next to me during my exam....nw cuming to the point after reading about him i realised how much i was missing wen i was nt aware of this burning of the daily stated that "India preparing to fight against corruption. People are demanding strong Law against corruption. Shree Anna Hazare has given ultimatum to Prime minister for Strong Jan Lokpal bill against corruption. If not heard Anna would start indefinite fast from 5th april on Jantar mantar Delhi." frankly speaking the only thought that came to my mind after reading dis was "when nothing works fasting works"...hehe.... but then another thing that bothered me was even more striking...i came across a tweet by Chetan Bhagat stating dat "Mera Neta Chor Hai". It is what you have always felt. Why not bring it out in the open?" i thought  we may be against corruption on fb or on twitter or ny other online platform.. but in ground.. are we???? 

Dear Indians, Today Times of India has compared Shri Anna Hazare Ji with Sonia & Rahul as Aam Admi. ...These corrupt news paper & TV News Channels r trying to protect Congress. It is needless to mention that Congress & their allies have beaten all their political competitors and have won ICC( International Corruption Cup) for India....!!!
Isn't it a shame that in a country with a 40% youth population,a 73-year old man is fasting unto death? What are YOU(TH) doing?
but its important there be one and only one anna hazzare for now. it is important that we all remain behind him. show solidarity. follow the man! 


Deep Kiran said...

We all support Anna Hazare..... but is Lokpal the right tool? Can it work? How many of us know what is Lokpal?.........its simply not realistic.

Take care mate

Angel said...

well what i feel is something is better than nothing.....sumone had to take a strong step n it was done by none other than hazare....hazare is "mahatma gandhi" of present generation....all we can do is give him full support so dat our dear india can be soon freed from the clutches of corrupt politicians.

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